Grooming Services

Listed Prices for all Grooms and Baths are
BASE prices and estimates. Prices can
fluctuate based on Coat Condition, Size,
and Temperament of your dog. An up close
evaluation and inspection of your dog is
done upon arrival.

Baths Include:
Bath, Nail Trim, Ear cleaning, blow dry, 15
minutes of brushing, bandana/bows, and a
fragrance spritz.

Under 15lbs
15-25lbs        $30+
26- 40lbs      $35+
41-50lbs       $40+
51-65lbs       $45+
66-85lbs       $50+
86-100lbs     $55+
Over 100lbs   $60+

Grooms Include:
All of the Above, plus Standard Breed
Haircut or Haircut of your choice.

Small Breeds: (Toy Poodle, Shihtzu, Yorkie,
Westie, Lhasa, Pomeranian, Min.
Schnauzer, etc...)


Medium Breeds: (Cocker Spaniel, Bichon
Frise, Springer Spaniel, Boykins, Cockapoo


Large Breeds:  (Goldens, Lab Shave downs,
Doodles, Standard Poodle, Giant Schnauzer,
German Shepherds, Belgians, etc...)


Xtra Large Breeds:  (Chows, Great
Pyranese, Newfies, etc...)

$85 and up
Boarding Services

Small Breeds:   $25
Large Breeds:  $30

Grooming Client Discounted rates
(after 3 Consecutive visits within 6

Small Breeds:  $20
Large Breeds: $25

All Rates are per Night per Dog.

Customized packages for
in the same household or
Extended Stays

Check out time is 10:00am

Pick ups after 10am and before 3pm,
current daycare rates will apply.

Pick ups after 3pm and before 6pm, will
be charged another night stay.

After 6pm, no pickups until the
following morning.

What to bring???

Food in a portion size pre-packaged
baggie for each serving. Favorite
toy/treats, and a t-shirt with your scent
on it. Please no bowls or bedding.

Up to date shot record
Must be on a flea preventative.

See "Policies" for further information.
Puppy Boot Camp

Halti Training
for dogs that pull or difficult to walk


M-F  5days

***If extra time is needed, no extra

Call Uncle Vinnie for details...
Doggie Day care

1-4 hours $10

5-10 hrs  $15


Weekly rates available. Open only to 10
dogs at a time.
$50 per week, Full time

15 minutes of dematting is included
with each groom or bath.
$40 per hour
thereafter ($10 per every 15 mins.)
Dematting is considered combing or
shaving out all heavy knots/matts. If the
groomer finds that heavy dematting is
involved, we will contact each owner to
discuss all available options before
Grooming ADD ONS
(Individually or with any Bath/Groom)

Teeth Brushing/Fresh Breath Spray  $5

Furminator (Shed-Less Treatment) $10+

Nail Trim $10
Nail Buff $5
Nail Color (1 color) $10+
Nail Art $8

Pup Bling $5

Feather Extentions/Beads $5+

Creative Cuts/ Color  $15++

Long Drop Coat Curls/Braids $10+

Clean Face/ Clean Feet Only $15

Pom Poms $5

Hot Oil Rinse (for dry skin) $5

Dead Sea Salt Scrub (Deep Exfoliation
for dry, flaky skin & achy muscles)

Dead Sea Mud Wrap (Detox &
Purification for skin)

Flea Bath (automatically done if live fleas
or flea dirt is present)

Spas  $10
Choose one:  Comfort, ReNew, Fresh,
Hypo, Whitening & Sporty for Him

All Spa Packages come with Speciality
Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner,
Blueberry Facial, Aromatherapy Spray
with a UV protector  SPF 8, and a front
nail Buff